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Bill Omnes Investigations is based in the State of Washington and works mostly with organizations to investigate allegations of emotional, sexual and physical abuse and neglect.

Bill Omnes investigations can provide third party oversight to internal inquires relative to emotional, sexual and physical abuse and neglect as well as workplace harrasment and bullying.


The investigation of allegations of abuse within NGO communities and other groups. Our clients request our assistance investigating allegations of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse as well as neglect. [ learn more ]

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Our team of highly trained, experienced and determined investigators can help review a variety of requests and help assist directly or through our comprehensive network of investigators and advisers. [ learn more ]

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Comprehensive background in law enforcement, criminal and civil investigations. Bill Omnes Investigations can help evaulate client requests and provide valuable insight, mentoring and guidance through each stage. [ contact us ]

Bill Omnes Investigations offers a variety of services, please contact to learn more or discuss your case.

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